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Legal services in criminal and administrative law

  • Powers referred to the Avvocato in Italy

    In Italian legal system the Avvocato specialized in administrative and criminal law has some specific powers conferred by the law: this powers are mainly pointed to assist and defend a person involved in a legal trial, but also to represent a person in proceedings of legal relevance which link the person with the public administration. So, for example, the Avvocato can represent a person to obtain a permit or an authorization, or, moreover, to issue the public administration to revoke a measure that is unfavorable.

    In criminal process, the Avvocato can assist and defend the accused person, or who received an injury by a crime, in the first trial and in the process of Appeal; for the recourse in Supreme Court in Roma (Corte di Cassazione), it is necessary an Avvocato Cassazionista.

    In administrative processes, the Appeal doesn't exist and so the Avvocato can defend the person in the process at the first grade (TAR); to file the appeal in Supreme Administrative Court (Consiglio di Stato), the person needs the assistance of an Avvocato Cassazionista.

Online legal advice

You are allowed to submit a request of online legal advice filling the following schedule in all its parts. The legal advice and all the information given by Avvocato Francesco Foggia to your legal issue via website are completely for free. In order to obtain the most useful and complete legal advice, it is important to complete the request clearly and completely; in every case the legal online advice cannot be considered substitutive of a meeting at the Law firm, where the barrister is allowed to read and study all the documents provided by the client and receive from his own voice all the information that he needs to understand better the problem.

The online legal advice has the purpose to furnish a first legal approach with the solution of the problem, that always needs to be deepen in the meeting at the Law firm.

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