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Avvocato Francesco Foggia

Legal services in criminal and administrative law

  • Powers referred to the Avvocato in Italy

    In Italian legal system the Avvocato specialized in administrative and criminal law has some specific powers conferred by the law: this powers are mainly pointed to assist and defend a person involved in a legal trial, but also to represent a person in proceedings of legal relevance which link the person with the public administration. So, for example, the Avvocato can represent a person to obtain a permit or an authorization, or, moreover, to issue the public administration to revoke a measure that is unfavorable.

    In criminal process, the Avvocato can assist and defend the accused person, or who received an injury by a crime, in the first trial and in the process of Appeal; for the recourse in Supreme Court in Roma (Corte di Cassazione), it is necessary an Avvocato Cassazionista.

    In administrative processes, the Appeal doesn't exist and so the Avvocato can defend the person in the process at the first grade (TAR); to file the appeal in Supreme Administrative Court (Consiglio di Stato), the person needs the assistance of an Avvocato Cassazionista.

About me

Avv. Francesco Foggia was born in Napoli (Italy) in 1984 and in his city, he realized the academic and professional growth. After the high school leaving qualification in classic studies (gymnasium), obtained with the maximum rank, he attended the Law Faculty of the University of Naples “Federico II”, where he obtained first the bachelor’s and after the master’s degree in law, magna cum laude.

After graduation, he started his experience like legal clerk, which gave to him the opportunity to refine his practice experience. Francesco Foggia was first member of the directive council of O.G.I. – Napoli in 2009 and 2010, an organism of lawyers which gave to him the opportunity to confront with other experts of the legal sector; after  the registration in 2011 in the Bar of Naples, Avvocato Francesco Foggia became Associate of the “Studio Legale Multidisciplinare”, a multispecialized Law firm, and partner of one of the most valued administrative barrister of Naples, Avv. Paolo Leone.

Avvocato Francesco Foggia believes a lot in the constant application in ever deepening of the legal subject, in order to be always up-to-date about the improvement of the legal science: some of his studies are become interesting articles and have been published on important Reviews specialized in law. The publications, at presents, are just in Italian language and can be read in the Italian version of the current website, clicking here.

Nowadays Avv. Francesco Foggia practices administrative and criminal law with dedication and keenness, offering to his clients the experience and the skills acquired. Feature of the Law firm is the continuous contact with the client and the constant information about all the phases of the legal proceeding, in order to aim at the satisfaction of the client.

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