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Avvocato Francesco Foggia

Legal services in criminal and administrative law

  • Powers referred to the Avvocato in Italy

    In Italian legal system the Avvocato specialized in administrative and criminal law has some specific powers conferred by the law: this powers are mainly pointed to assist and defend a person involved in a legal trial, but also to represent a person in proceedings of legal relevance which link the person with the public administration. So, for example, the Avvocato can represent a person to obtain a permit or an authorization, or, moreover, to issue the public administration to revoke a measure that is unfavorable.

    In criminal process, the Avvocato can assist and defend the accused person, or who received an injury by a crime, in the first trial and in the process of Appeal; for the recourse in Supreme Court in Roma (Corte di Cassazione), it is necessary an Avvocato Cassazionista.

    In administrative processes, the Appeal doesn't exist and so the Avvocato can defend the person in the process at the first grade (TAR); to file the appeal in Supreme Administrative Court (Consiglio di Stato), the person needs the assistance of an Avvocato Cassazionista.


Avv. Francesco Foggia’s law firm, set in Napoli (Italy), provides for his clients legal services, both in administrative and criminal law: this particular skill of the Law firm gives to the clients the opportunity to be defended against every kind of measures issued by the State, having administrative or criminal relevance.

More in details, can be useful to know that the administrative law is the branch of the law that attend to every kind of action given by the public administration, like authorizations, permits, injunctions, punishments and so on and that are regulated by the laws concerning the administrative actions. The criminal law, in a more notorious way, is the branch of the law that concerns the actions committed by a person, which have relevance of crimes for the criminal law of a State, and that produce the application of a criminal punishment against the author.

Some of the fields of application of Avvocato Francesco Foggia are listed below.


  • administrative law of business and trading;
  • employment in public sector and public contests;
  • employment in military sector;
  • construction and urban law;
  • administrative injury and punishments;
  • contracts with the public administration;
  • tax law.


  • white collar crimes;
  • abusive buildings and construction crimes;
  • medical malpractice;
  • defamation, privacy, libel and slander law;
  • crimes against property;
  • tax crimes.

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